BEFORE installing the mod files you need to have the 3 tracks Machwerk, Gyral and Lydden installed! Get the tracks here: http://stratos.gplworld.de/tracks.htm 1) Then you need to download and install the Lancia Stratos Mod (2010). 2) Afterwards you need to download and install the Stratos Rocks Mod Update (2015). 1) Lancia Stratos Mod (2010) Download: http://stratos.gplworld.de/files/Stratos_Mod_091209_with_Sound_Update.zip [20 MB] The download includes the Stratos sound update by Wolfgang Buthe (aka ducwolf) and the original sound as an option. Installation Unzip Stratos_Mod_091209_with_Sound_Update.zip to a temp location. Inside the Stratos_Mod_091209_with_Sound_Update folder you will find a gpl folder and a readme. Make sure you have read carefully the readme. Copy the CONTENTS of the supplied gpl folder to your gpl folder (allow overwrite) Getting started: Create a player in GPL for Stratos (like "firstname lastnameRX"), exit GPL. /start GEM+. /click Carsets, make Stratos active, select physics (GPLRX). /select player. /select Stratos for your player from the box next to Carsets. /exit GEM+ to build a gplcrx.exe If you have any problems please ask in the release thread of the mod at SRMZ: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=5624 GEM+ Mainboard Stratos (RX) Mod 2) Stratos Rocks Mod Update (2015) Download: http://stratos.gplworld.de/files/Stratos Rocks-Part-I+II.zip [20.9 MB] The download contains Part I and Part II in one single .zip. Originally it was posted as two separate .zip files on SRMZ. Warning: Do not use another driver then the 1st slot (= green Chronograph Lancia = brabham slot) or 2nd slot (= Renault Alpine = brm slot). If you (and others online) use the other slots the effect will diminish depending on how many extra slots you use. Only the 1st two slots are optimized. Installation 1. Install the Stratos mod if you haven't already and make sure it runs with 5 AI drivers. 2. Make a backup of the drivRX.ini and copy the one from the zip in your GPL folder. The one in the zip files only has Stratos drivers using the 1st slot and Alpine drivers in the 2nd slot. 3. Make a backup of your brabham and brm folder in the carsRX folder and copy the ones from the zip in. 4. Copy the rest of the files over to the same locations as they where in the zip. The zip has a backup of the 90 xml which has several changes for the gauges. 5. Delete the gplcrx.exe and let GEM+ create a new one. 6. Do not use any other than the 1st two slots (green Chronograph Lancia = brabham slot and Renault Alpine = brm slot) as the player car. If you use another slot a 2nd Stratos car will be loaded and will hurt FPS (The reason you now can have more cars is because I only used 1 slot for the Stratos and 1 for the Alpine). Should you still have a CTD then the only alternative is reducing the number of AI drivers. Most likely you should be able to race the mod but it depends on your PC specifications how large the number of AI drivers can be set. If you have any problems please ask in the release thread of the mod at SRMZ: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=7943 GEM+ Mainboard Stratos & Renault Alpine (RX) Mod Guide on how to install mods for Grand Prix Legends http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-mods Grand Prix Legends (GPL) Easy Installation Guide http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-easy-installation-guide