Lancia Stratos Mod (2010) Some time ago I asked permission from Rory to use his Stratos model for a sort of rally type mod for GPL and he agreed. I made and tested physics with the help of others, and modified the car model to have 7 different liveries ( one in each slot ) At the time we were working on 66mod and this was just a bit of fun for the mod team. Since then it has sat on my HD gathering dust. Then a few weeks ago, Stuart and I had a few laps online and decided that the community might appreciate what we have made. So here it is. NOTE: I have included two season files, one is named GPLRALLY.ini, the other is championship ini grx.ini. They both have Machwerk, Gyral and Lydden tracks listed so you need to have those 3 tracks installed BEFORE installing the mod files. The mod works online or against the AI but there are only 7 different cars and numbers ( one in each team ). The Stratos model is demanding on PC recourses so I would suggest this mod is used with a minimum of other cars on track and definitely not full grids. The original idea was for its use in time trial events, or as rallycross type events with 5 or 6 cars max. I would suggest you start by having some laps at Machwerk to get the feel of the physics. Default setups are included which should work well at most tracks apart from changing final drive ratio to suit. Many thanks to RORY GIBSON the author of the Lancia Stratos car model for giving his permission for its use in this mod. The model has been modified by me. Also thanks to: Nigel Pattinson for his patching protocol and tools which enabled me to make the mod. Richard Cooke for making the Lancia Stratos engine. Arturo Pereira for making the team layouts. MECH for making the GEM+ pics and team info pics. Wolfgang Buthe for the sound files. Stuart Bartosiak, Rob Hunter and others for extensive physics testing. NOTE TO BETA TESTERS WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS Remove "carsRX" folder from gpl/cars before installing this version. Remove "gplRX" folder from gpl/mods/gem+ before installing this version. Remove "gplcrx.exe" from gpl folder before installing this version. Default settings carset = carsRX physics = GPLRX season = GPLRALLY Paul Skingley 09/12/09 SRMZ release thread: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=5624 Stratos Rocks Mod Update (2015) I've been working on the Stratos Mod lately. The goal is to make the mod more accessible to people. Right now the mod tends to crash if you use 7 or more cars. Depending on your system you even need to lower that number to 5. All in all a bit of a shame since that means it isn't used by many people. Beta, meaning when time permits there will be updates/improvements... (in plain language, don't pester me with; why is this skin still looking crappy? Or i don't like it. You have a choice: Use it, don't use it or provide your own textures). This file is an option to solve that. After you have applied this fix the mod will only use the 1st or 2nd slot which is the brabham and brm. All the original skins of the Stratos are copied to the 1st slot so the original cars are still there. Warning: Do not use another driver then the 1st slot (= green Chronograph Lancia = brabham slot) or 2nd slot (= Renault Alpine = brm slot). If you (and others online) use the other slots the effect will diminish depending on how many extra slots you use. Only the 1st two slots are optimized. What's been done so far: Stratos (brabham): 1. The brabham slot has been optimized so the car has AI mapping. 2. The drivRx.ini is extended to 19 drivers. 3. Martin Hunt [maddog] helped out creating some ai skins. Mostly meant as placeholders. Eventually those might get some improved skins but don't depend on me for that so feel free to contribute. 4. The Brabham slot has been stripped of redundant files as much as possible. All the sub 3do's have been stripped from redundant polys. Polygons have been merged as well. 5. Online drivers and skins have been added. Again just some basic skins with numbers so you can distinguish who's who online. 6. The suspension has been removed. It was hardly visible and had clipping issues. This also helped stripping down the model further. 7. Face now has AI mapping (lface.mip is the base file used by all drivers but can be changed). 8. Nose without headlights as an option folder added. 9. Silver/Gold wheels as an option folder added. 10. Added near distant lods for left and right door sections. Rest of the model is still in progress. 11. Created a new lod (level of detail) 3do which increases fps on further distant. 12. Changed the distant switch in the main car 3do to kick in earlier. This should help fps raise quickly when the grid is spreading. With this setup I was able to have 19 cars on Machwerk without a crash. Depending on your system you at least will be able to have some more cars on the grid. Alpine (brm): 1. This is a whole new car and is based on the same structure as the Can-Am 1971 cars. 2. It has several AI drivers and a high-res dash. 3. Online drivers are present as well. 4. It is still not in final state but since I don't know if I will ever be able to finish it I decided to release it as is. Thx to: 1. Martin Hunt [maddog] for the additional skins and gathering people to test the files online. 2. Paul Skingley for giving permission to improve the Stratos mod. 3. Bob [Royale] and Shaun Collins for creating the Renault Alpine A110. 4. Ginetto for providing better fitting tires. 5. Greg Liebzeit for providing feedback on gauges and other stuff. 6. Stefan Roess and Stefano for providing images and other background info. 7. Online & Offline testers: Axel Koch, Colin Craig, Ginetto, Grizzlourse, Stefan Roess, Nicolas Vanriesenbeck, Bob Whitwell. Cheers, Martin E.C. Huiskes a.k.a. MECH at SRMZ. SRMZ release thread: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=7943